Pathik ke saath fultoo bakwaas 1.1

This correspondent got news that B.P has fled from the Mohanpur campus without attending the once in a year DJ night that IISER hosted on Friday; inspite of the fact that he had paid Rs.200 for that. It was told that he got frustrated with his friends bringing objectionable things into his room. This correspondent frantically combed the City of Joy (Kolkata) and caught our very own B.P in IIM, Calcutta. 
Here is the subsequent talk he had with him.

Me: Hi! Do you know that whole college is searching for you? What confidential work has brought you here?
B.P: He, He…. Well, I know I am the star. But they can wait. For I have come to attend a very important seminar here in IIM Calcutta on “How to save the Intellectual Rights of your newly discovered Chemical Compounds?” They told me also how to earn a lot of money from my patents.
Me: You recently attended the NIUS Camp in Mumbai. You were interviewed by the big shots of our country in Organic Chemistry. How was your experience?
B.P (looking very serious): I was saddened.
Me: Why?
B.P: I met IIT JEE AIR 15 there. I wonder how he got that rank.He knows next to nothing about Chemistry. Then the interview panel asked questions that were so trivial that before they ended their question, I told them the answer. Do you know I had to go twice out of that room to hide my frustration over them? If this is the story of leading centers of Chemistry, then Indian future is dark.
Me: I hope the situation would improve when you will head the Scientific Advisory Committee to PM. Another thing, I have heard that whenever you go to any institute, you are conferred a special prize.
B.P: He, he… I guess they don’t have much option left. They think it is better to get associated with me before I start thinking with whom my name should be attached. Now, my school gave me the Special Prize in recognition for my special ability in shaking conical flasks.Go and ask Mohit. I had given a demo to him. That boy was doing titration with a burette and conical flask. He was not hitting the wall of the conical flask even once with the burette. It is very important to do so and I am an expert at doing it, creating a lot of noise in the process. I hope he now knows how to shake well.
Me: Then you would have been given a prize from IIM Calcutta also?
B.P: He, He…How did you come to know? It must have come in the Telegraph. These people just don’t leave me alone. Yes, they did give it to me. It was for the “Best Sitting Posture throughout the Two Hour Seminar”.
Me: No wonder that pretty women like Ms. Government roam around you. I met her. She was missing you in the DJ night.
B.P: Hmmm… I too wanted to dance with her again.
Me: Again?
B.P: Ya, it is a secret. Please don’t tell to other girls. Otherwise, their heart would be broken. I wish to keep the race wide open.
Me: I will try my best not to spill your beans. OK! Bye. I am privileged to talk with you.

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  1. Nice! Also keep a WordPress ‘Like’ button on every post. You can find it in the dashboard settings.

    • I am surprised that you could enjoy the post. I had thought this can be understood and enjoyed only by someone who got to know about which person of my batch I am taking about(just think about the initial B.P and u’ll get it about whom i’m talking about). It seems I was wrong or you have figured who is the person I’m talking about?

      • Obviously I know who you’re talking about. Once I could think of one person with those initials, there was no doubt whatsoever that it was him from the description that you’ve given 😉

  2. Oops, sorry. I didn’t notice the Like button there.


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