Pathik ke saath fultoo bakwaas 1.3

Your correspondent one fine day decides to visit APC Roy Boys’ Hostel during ‘Rush Hour’, i.e. at 8:30 am. It seems the whole sea of humanity (except Mr. P) is running hard to reach just one place: the bathroom. Mr. P prefers to go to his room for sleeping as he hasn’t slept yet. In the common bathroom, all are busy doing some task or the other. You can easily identify which cubicle is being used by Raaz, by seeing his slippers kept outside. He is singing comfortably inside while others, waiting outside for their turn, are shouting at him to hurry up. By the looks of Gaurav, you can see he is again late and trying his best to catch up with others by brushing his teeth brutally. But in this mayhem, there is somebody who is quite relaxed. Although his wet hair is combed, he is still brushing his teeth. He walks slowly and ‘randomly’. There is my man: Random. What follows is given below-

Me: Hi! Good morning. I hope you have some time.
R: Ya …I have some. Only …brushing was left.
Me: That means today you are in a mood to skip your bath.
R (Folds his hand together): No way. I … have already … taken bath. Aren’t you …seeing my…wet… combed… hair?
Me: But then brushing after taking bath? Isn’t it odd?
R: Nothing is odd …about it. Order …doesn’t matter… to me. Who told… you that… brushing…should be done… before …taking bath?
Me: OK. You may be correct. Another question: why are you known as ‘random’?
R: Wait a sec.
(He unfolds his hands and pokes his left index finger in his ear, while his right hand holds his head. Now, he starts vigorously scratching his ear producing a ‘chuk…chuk…’ sound. The other hand has to sweat a lot to keep his head steady.)
Yes, what were you saying? Actually…., it’s a good question. You…. should ask this to those…who… have given me …this name. I too …want an answer to this. Mohit! Why don’t you answer that question?
Mohit: The answer is simple. His motion is equally probable in all directions. When he walks, just watch him from the backside. You just can’t predict where he is going. His head is tilted at an odd angle while his eyes look at an entirely different direction while his mouth hangs open.
VK: Also, in the class, look at him when he asks his famous and lengthy doubts. Firstly, by the time he completes his question, most of us are asleep. Then after he completes his question, he stares in all directions except in that of profs., who either ask him to repeat or look back at him blankly for what seems like almost forever.
Me: That brings me to my next question. You are known for asking tons of questions in classes. What keeps you going?
R : Actually…, I am the messiah … who reveals to the class …that who is a true prof…. or who is not, who is trying …to befool… students and who is ….giving useful …concepts. Sometimes they quietly cover up their mistakes. But I don’t allow them to do so.
Me: It is very noble of you to think so much for the class. Your batch mates reveal that sometimes you appear to be dozing off. But then suddenly you would ask a question and that question will be better than those asked by the people, who were listening intently. But everyone, including profs, have a common complaint against you. Why do you take so many painful pauses while speaking?
R: Always… remember: the… choice of… words …speaks… a lot about… your …clarity….of thought. You … should give… extreme… importance to… words.
Me: That doesn’t mean you don’t give importance to the listener’s patience, does it. No wonder profs have to wait a lot for u to complete your question. By the way, people have heard you talking on phone to a girl from Indore. Umm…you are smiling. What’s that?
R (gives a child-like innocent smile): Hey, actually…there’s nothing …between us. She was just …asking …some doubts… related to …‘spherically hindered structures’ …over the phone. It was really … difficult for me to… explain to her… over … phone with no headphones on.
Me: Why do you require headphones to talk to a girl?
R: No, not because …the caller …was a girl. Actually…., I need …my hands to be… folded so that …I can think… clearly… and explain… to her properly.I think… that these many… questions… would suffice. Now, it’s… getting late …for class.Ok, then, hi! Good Morning.
Me: Ya, I should also leave. You should better hurry otherwise Gaurav will reach before you. …Hey! Did I hear you correctly? You said hi? Allow me to remind you it’s time to wish good bye,not say hi, good morning.
R: Why… are you …so forgetful? I have … already stated …that “Order… is… not…important!”

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