How realistic are happy-endings shown in movies?

One of the reasons for rejecting Bollywood movies put forward by my friends is that these are not realistic, but escapist. For driving home their point, they refer to happy-ending portrayed in most of these films. They say in real life you don’t get anything even close to happy ending.

Let’s see how realistic is their notion of reality.

In general, at the core of movies(which include Hollywood ones), there is a problem and by the time it ends, that problem gets solved. But in real life, we also face a lot of problem. Not a single day passes, when you don’t face a problem and the resulting tension.

So, like in movies, we do begin our day with at least one problem at hand. And we should realize that we do overcome that problem as time passes. Then why do we say that we don’t have happy endings in our lives? According to me, there are two reasons:

Firstly, by happy ending ,we mean problem gets solved. We should realise that not even in all movies, (which is , after all, a depiction of real-life) problem always get solved. Because, it is only the mathematical problems that get solved. Real-life problem gets resolved. This resolution might require compromise, adjustment or new perspective on our part. For example, if stress is due to the death of somebody, that problem can never be solved. The departed one can never come back. Instead of looking for non-existent solution, we should think how to resolve the problem like in this case, it is to adjust with their loss.

Secondly, our life is like movies played back -to-back because once one problem gets resolved, we have another problem and after that, another one. Because of the new problem, we forget to realise or acknowledge that we resolved the previous one. You don’t believe me. Just remember the last time when you were looking for some lost object like toothbrush: haven’t you either found it or learnt to take care of yourself , even without it?

So, happing-endings are realistic! And for my Bollywood- hating friends, I can say just one thing. Wait for my next blog.

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