Scheduling to Reschedulation

Chitchatting on the pretext of
the exam preparation,
warming your ears as a
result of telecommunication.
At the end of which, crossing out
the schedule in desperation.

Throwing lights off with
renewed inspiration,
putting alarm to two hours
before exam session
and then dozing off to a
schedule-free nation.

Vanquishing belatedly his nation
filled with her sensation.
Hurrying to class cursing his
alarmic mistake repetition
and schedul-ing to reschedulation

Cholbe na, Cholbe na

Cholbe na came to his rescue
with news of exam cancellation.
Waving, laughing and
forgetting in celebration
He scheduled to reschedulation.





[Got the idea when asked to write a poem on the topic ‘class cancelled’ in the event Chobita (impromptu poem and painting on public demand) held at college.]

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  1. really good


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