The Fall

A bridge creaked,
shivered the shivering
two souls that wanted
nothing but love.
Silence embraced them,
neatly fitted
into the pattern
only time could tell.
Her wide eyes looked
below into the water,
mind deciphering fate
skipping the present.
The storm closed in
seeing the undecided
vulnerables stuck
on the fork.
“How was it before?”,
blurted out the loner
desperation to know
her well and his pain.
The bridge got a whip,
the thread got taut,
the bridge got a lash,
the thread got twisted.
The free fall began
as freely as the star lost
her way in past distant,
ignorant of her moon.
Wind swished past
the silent ears which
the words pierced
and led to the collapse.
No, No, she could’t be
someone else’s queen,
unacceptable to the
falling romantic fool.
In her fruity voice,
she could not help
but ask, “Are you
there or got lost?”
With a loud thud
he hit the surface,
only to find himself
back onto the bridge.
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