A recipe to deal with trauma

Don’t spit it out!
As they often say
Don’t spoil the vacuum!
As they always do.

In a tiny corner
of your heart,
put it there,
precise and cold.

Store this also away
from world’s gaze,
from their want
of entertainment.

Bear it alone,
not because it’s
a secret to be
shared with none.

Observe in dark,
not because it’s
your moment which
tingles you there.

No, not at all.
Because otherwise
you will go through
it more than once.

Each time more
vivid than before.
Each time more
distant than before.

So, leave it there
to be beaten hard,
wait for it to get
dried under the sun.

Then just snap
it into two.

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  1. “Then just snap it into two. ” Only?

    • Yes, time would allow one to brutally snap it into two.

      • Somebody’s heart is broken i think.. šŸ˜® Well, I would have allowed my heart to break it into multiple pieces.. šŸ˜› Not just two..

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