Who am I?

27th Jan, 2014

Mover. Maybe this is the word that best defines me.  From my childhood, I have been shifting from one place to another.  Every four years or so, I had a new place, new school, new teachers, new set of friends.  Being in the same college for four years, I have started feeling the familiar itching.

I am someone who’s constant challenge is to keep looking for new things that interests me. I get bored easily. Sample this: I have got tired of Game of Thrones (after Season 3), Breaking Bad  (after Season 2) and recently, Sherlock (after Season 3). (I confess that the first two I left because my favorite characters got killed) . Further, true to my evolutionary gender role, I keep on moving on from one being of desire to another. (Frankly, I never got the chance to do otherwise, despite best of my efforts.)

But I cannot be a true mover. If I were, I would have moved on from even this philosophy! This brings me to my other aspect. Sticker.  Being a researcher, it’s part of my job to be good at sticking to a problem. (Or maybe it’s the other way round: I chose researcher line because I am a Sticker) I love running marathon. Okay, not exactly a marathon. I haven’t been able to run that long so far. My personal best  is of 5 km. But you get the point. I love to dig in and fight against the odds. Whenever I run, there are voices in my head (recently the voice belongs to my last being of desire) that shout that I won’t be able to complete it. Then I remind myself of the pristine feeling of the final moments of the race– sweat is sweet.


As on 18th July,2012

I am someone who likes to identify oneself as somebody who keeps challenging himself . I hate to sit idle but that doesn’t mean I hate sleeping! I am curious about almost everything and passionate about Science, especially Physics. In my leisure times, I love watching good movies, chit-chatting with friends, writing Hindi poems, reading books and newspaper The Hindu, watching and performing plays. One more thing, I like to befriend complete strangers.

Belonging to India, I am Bihari by descent. Not only  have I traveled to many cities of India, but also experienced these cities because of considerable time spent there. And because of so many shifts in my place of residence, I learned to adjust to new environment and interact with strangers.

I guess this much will do for now.

Namaste! I am Mohit Pandey pursuing BS-MS in Physics in IISER-Kolkata .



6:00pm, 20th September, 2012

Who am I is a question that has troubled a lot of philosophers. I won’t delve much into it but it’s tempting to looking into one related issue.

I realized 2-3 months later that one’s perspective of his own being changes with time. And I wanted to take note of that. So, I have decided that I’ll keep on rewriting this page and also  keep a record of previous ones.

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  1. Namaste my name is Dilip Naidu and I am pleased to meet you. I compliment you for a very interesting Blog. Enjoyed going through some of the articles.

    Wish you happy blogging. 🙂

  2. Namaste Mohit! Asha from Mumbai. Glad to have stumbled across your exuberant blog. Will keep coming.

    Happy Writing!

  3. Hey there, thank you for following my blog… keep coming and happy blogging.. 🙂

  4. Namaste. Thank you, Mohit, for following my blog. I’m like you in that I can’t be idle for very long, I’m curious about the world, and I love to make friends with strangers. I look forward to getting to know you, further.

  5. Hey, Mohit! Thank you for visiting my blog and following me. I love yours and have clicked to follow. Happy Diwali! 🙂

  6. Great to know about you! and thank you for being on my blog! the ‘About me: concept of yours is wonderful! changing it as you changeand feel.. 🙂

  7. Mohit, thank you for following my blog. I look forward to learning more about your poetry and what you are curious about.

    Take care,


  8. Thank you for visiting my blog and following it! It has been humbling and exciting to see all these fellow bloggers, though strangers to me, stopping by and reading what I write! I am looking forward to checking out more of your writing. I liked what you wrote in your “about me”, that our perceptions of ourselves change over time, and that you plan to update this section periodically. I am a Christian, and I believe that God is constantly renewing my heart and mind to shape me into the woman he created me to be–growth hurts sometimes, but the resulting fruit is wonderful. Keep writing!

  9. Mohit, Thank you for following my blog. Little do you know it, but you’ve found a fellow science, particularly physics, lover. I’m particularly enamoured with quantum physics, attended a Higgs Boson lecture the other night, love those particles! There’s a wonderful book called The Neutrino that I highly recommend. -Pamela-

    • Ya, i din’t know that. Thanks a lot for the book’s reference. It would be great knowing more about you. Would come back to your blog!

  10. Mohit, I live in NYC. Love to read, fact and fiction. Of course there’s so much to do here in the city. I see you are studying physics, very interesting. I haven’t taken science since high school and nary a physics class, all my physics is self taught. I bought Richard Feynman’s Lectures On Physics but unfortunately I don’t have the advanced math to grasp all the equations. Oh well, I’ve gone back for a math refresher as well but the higher order differential equations are beyond me.

    • i’m happy to know that you try to give so much effort to a subject on which you have last attended classes in high class. i’m inspired by you for putting in so much effort at self-teaching. as years have passed since my school days, i have started feeling scared to start something new. i have recently found myself saying that i’m not trained enough for even touching a new thing-be it sports, drawing, or anything in particular. Pamela, i would try my best to improve. Thanks, again.

  11. Mohit, We are never too old to learn. Never be afraid to enrich yourself. Best to you. -Pam-

  12. Hi Mohit, thanks for visiting my blog, your blog has wonderful posts. I am not avid poetry reader but I love reading short stories. Looking forward to your future writings!

  13. Hello Mohit,

    I know it is the 13th of January, but I hope it is not too late to wish you a wonderful New Year. May 2013 bring you more happiness, love, and success. I would like to thank you because you continue following my blog. I hope my blog posts do not disappoint and that your visits in there have been a joyful ride. Thank you again, many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  14. I wonder are all Indians so enthusiastic ? Challenging myself sound good ! A nice intro…..Best wishes 🙂 xx


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