with bicycle on train

Recently on one of those evenings, when you prefer not to do anything useful and just love to waste your time, we decided to go to a restaurant to celebrate the occasion. After all, you don’t feel like this everyday!

We boarded a local train and instead of grabbing seats, we preferred to stand. In fact, train was quite deserted. So, we could have a got a seat easily. But there was no fun, which you usually have while fighting to get a seat in a crowded train. Yes, when something is given without any effort, you don’t like it.

By now, it had got dark. We were leaning on the door enjoying the cool breeze. With our clothes waving playfully, we started playing our favorite game- who comes up with the poorest PJ. As we continued laughing without any particular reason, train was stopping on various stations.

At one of these stations, an old man smartly boarded the train carrying his bicycle. ¬† From his actions, it was clear that it was his usual way. I couldn’t stop myself from taking out my mobile camera and shooting him. I regretted it later for not asking his permission before taking his picture.

When i was taking his picture, he didn’t say anything. He was just looking at me. His silence hit me. How could he be just quiet?

One of my friends told me it’s nothing special. People do travel with their bicycles in local trains. They just buy ticket for an extra passenger-their bicycle.

After taking the picture, i rejoined our non-sense conversation with my friends. The old man continued to stare me till his stoppage came. He was just looking at me.

As he took out his bicycle from the train and then went out of my vision, he must have gone to his home and told his wive, ” Today in the train, one young guy took my photograph as if i am doing anything special. He was amused by my cycle. ¬†Weird, na?”

Ya, really, weird!
(Although i don’t know why.)

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