Happy Independence Day?

I like to call myself a bathroom singer. There is a good reason why I like to sing in bathroom. I am lyric-deaf (Recently, it took me 4 minutes to realize that the song I was listening was not the original one but its’ abusive  version). So,often while singing, I forget the lines of song and I have no other option but to fill in the details with my own ones. People get irritated by this display of my poetic skills. In bathroom, nobody(except those bathing in adjacent cubicles. You can’t find a quiet place in a hostel!) disturbs me in my singing by pointing out that the song I am singing so passionately is wrong.

There are two days of each year-26th January and 15th August-on which I like to sing only patriotic songs(I try not to tamper with them as much as I can!).Today was one such day. After singing songs like Meri Desh Ki Dharti, Saare Jahaan Se Accha in chorus with others in the bathroom, I wore the faded-blue jeans with traditional faded-white kurta and proceeded to attend Independence Day Celebration in the main building of our institution. There after Director-in charge’s speech which nobody could or wanted to listen, all hurried to reach the Counter, where food package and tea were going to be distributed. I was second in queue and was disappointed like Sushil Kumar for missing the Olympic Gold Medal. After getting one package and choosing not to test my luck if today’s tea would burn my lips, I chose the hut which had the best view of the serpentine queue. While I was criticizing the poor quality of namkeen, one of my friends came and wished, “Happy Independence Day!” I simply mumbled something in response to her.

Happy Independence Day? Same as we say Happy Birthday or Happy Fathers’ Day. People had clapped during unfurling of the flag which was similar to clapping done while somebody cuts their birthday cake. It looked like as if our nation cuts her birthday cake twice each year. I didn’t like it.

(I wanted to stop here and leave it like this but couldn’t stop myself !)
I guess Independence Day matters not much to us in comparison to our birthdays. But there are very few who celebrate their birthday even after crossing 20. So,in that aspect both are on equal footing.

The problem, it looks like, is somewhere else. In our childhood, we were told that there is a thing called nation, which is like your mother; you should be ready to work for your nation; even give life, if required. Patriotism was not an idea that can be taken lightly. So, it was this which was making me uncomfortable.
But on thinking over it, I realized that it’s the citizens which are an important part of our nation. Thus, when nation celebrates her independence day, I find no fault in her citizens feeling as if their birthday has come too soon!




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