Updates on my fiction writing

It’s a lazy and unusual Monday morning characterized by gloomy clouds and monsoon-like intense rainfall. As I usually write blogs on weekends, it feels a bit odd to do it on a Monday morning but I decided to reward myself as part of Thanksgiving celebration this week.

Another reason for the odd feeling is that I haven’t really blogged for more than one year (To be honest, I did just publish one post today but it’s not really a spontaneous piece of writing which is what a blog means to me.). It’s not that I have not written for leisure in past one year. Quite the opposite: Probably I have done more fiction writing than any typical year of my life. This is because I have been busy writing my first novella. Yup, I can’t believe it myself! I am still a long way before it is done but it is unbelievable for me that I had the courage to take such an ambitious project up. For a long time, I wanted to write a novel and I would think of so many ideas but I would never execute them eventually.

Somehow this time I didn’t just dream but decided to work on it. Since my writing muscles are not strong enough for a long-term fiction writing, I decided to start simple. Instead of writing a novel, I chose to write its shorter form: novella. It only has four chapters. And then instead of creating my own fiction world, I decided to borrow it from a Netflix movie —The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected). My novella is like a prequel to this movie. It is set 20 years before the events happening in the movie. So, this novella can be seen as a fan-fiction based on a movie except that it’s not really a well-known movie. Unlike Harry Potter’s fan-fiction, a few people would understand the context in which my novella is set in.

My original plan was to release it sequentially chapter-by-chapter on my blog as I finish writing chapters. However, I realized that I was doing extensive editing in all of my past chapters while I was writing one chapter. For example, while writing the third chapter, I would realize that it would be nice to reveal something about a character. But then I would go back to my first two chapters and check whether I have given enough hints to the readers so that they don’t get too surprised when they read the revelation in the third chapter.

Come to think of it, a novella is more than just the sum of its constituent chapters. This is one of the joys that I have discovered during my novella writing phase. When I would introduce a particular character or plot detail in the first chapter, I myself would have no idea that it would grow organically into something bigger in the next chapter. I also get a similar creative kick when I blog but on a smaller scale.

However, I also realized that writing for a long-term project can feel sometimes slow and laborious. Recently, I have been feeling as if I were walking through molasses as I am trying to wrap up the last chapter. And this blog is an attempt to encourage myself a little and take a holistic view of my in-progress novella.

Hopefully, I am ready to share my novella soon. Till then, here is the blurb of my novella:

Danny Meyerowitz, a young student of music, is trying his best to fill into the large shoes of his father, Professor Harold Meyerowitz, a Whitney recognized sculptor. However, as he fumbles his way in his musical training, he is constantly reminded that he is not as talented as his younger prodigious step-brother. Would Danny be able to rise above his all consuming self-doubts and redeem himself in the eyes of his father?

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