Just one step at a time

It was thrown into water
but there was no splash.
It shattered into pieces
but there was no sound.

I expected a cry or a sob.
But no, there was just
silence that wanted to
embrace with its cold arms.

You are supposed to dream,
that’s what they said.
And do dream big,
that’s what they told.

But what to do when
stars sink to bottom?
When they are in free
fall without an end?

No, you don’t have the
heart to ask the mortals,
with corroded innocence,
to build castles again.

Why don’t we leave
the romanticism for
only the naive who are
on the door-sill?

Just look neither too far
ahead into rosy future
nor too behind into
your nostalgic past.

Mortals ought not to
etch long straight lines on
the incomprehensible,
divine canvas.

To have something called foresight

(Why don’t you cross the bridge when you come to it?)

To plan perfectly right
To fasten your belt tight
To be afraid of leaving light
To be on god’s height

To nightmare about tunnel
To be critical of every folly
To wish top of every channel
To root out unexpected jolly

To crave for everything to be your right
To have something called foresight

(written on mobile while traveling on a local train)

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