I just wished she should be logical

It all started when I decided to tell her that I like her. Well, the answer was understandable. She was not in the same college and who now believes in distance-relationship. It sounds like retro-style romance! Doesn’t it remind you of the era when wives of the kings would wait sincerely for their husbands to return from battle-field? So, she said no to me. Initially, I felt sad but soon realized she meant good for both of us.

This could have been the end of my story had we not met again in a restaurant. It was totally unexpected. I had gone there to order food for home . I was not much happy to carry out this responsibility. But when I saw her, I realized there is something good in everything.

Wearing bright yellow top on a Denim jeans, she was smiling and talking with her friends. Committed friends had told me that restaurants are the places which are best for break-ups. Obviously, they were wrong in my case.

I slowly went to her and said, “Hi! Remember me?” I expected that her smile would fade away on seeing me.
But no, she said, “Oh, I don’t believe it. It’s you! How are you?”

I said, “Great! How are you doing?”

She said, “mast!” And then she introduced me to her friends. I ate together with her friends (Luckily, I had no friends at that time.). After dinner, she bid her friends adieu and decided to go with me. I had started feeling good about that night. By that time, we had told each other about the present status of our lives. I knew she was going to ask that question now.
Her first question came out, “Tell me, when you proposed to me what things you found in me attractive?”

“I wanted to be with you because A) You are beautiful. B) You appear to me a logical person.
(I thought I had come up with one of the most romantic lines.)
“A logical person?”

“Ya, you try to understand everything using logic. That means I can argue comfortably with you. You can’t expect to win an argument if it’s not logically argued.”

“So, you think you are logically better than me and therefore, win an argument easily.”

“No, no, I meant if I even lose, I can justify logically to me why I lost the argument.”

“Did you want to be in a relationship with me just because you could argue well with me? Thank God! I said no. Bye!”

Sometimes, you want to just eat back your words. It was one of those moments.

But where did I go wrong? Is it illogical to want a logical girlfriend? No. I guess it’ wrong to tell her why you want such a girlfriend.

Still, I would say that restaurants are not that bad for love, but places outside restaurants might be.

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