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I never pictured myself as being a photographer who troubles people and especially nature by shooting them. By taking photos, we disturb the flow and continuity of life. When you have gone to places which are said to be gifts of nature, instead of soaking in the beauty of nature, photographers break her trance. To me, capturing special moments meant living in the moment fully. If you are busy at preserving the moment, how would you live that moment?

This changed a little after I got my mobile which has a 5 megapixel camera. I liked flaunting its quality and so I started taking pictures. And on seeing the pictures, I could recall clearly the day even though many days had passed since then. I started liking it and was always ready with my camera (not much of an effort, since it was part of my mobile).

The below pic is my favorite (and is related to the theme of the blog). Here is its story.

A closed shop on Juhu Beach, Mumbai

In the summer of year 2012, I had gone to Mumbai not for vacations, but to do a project. Yes, keeping myself confined in a room while doing the project was not my intention. I had a roommate there who was a senior from my college. No, it didn’t look like I was sharing a room with a senior. I could even ask him to go and fill the water bottle, if I wanted and which I used to do often!

On an unusual morning, I found myself being woken up unceremoniously by him. He used to wake up usually in the afternoon. I knew he must not have slept the whole night. I looked at my watch. It was 4 am.

From the mischievous smile on his face, I had no problem in understanding he was up to something. I asked, “what?” He said smiling, “Let’s go to Juhu! ” He had a good smile. I said, “I am game. Just give me a few minutes.”

With two more friends, we left for Juhu Beach on an auto-rickshaw. It was dark then when we started. It was completely crazy. I was sure our gang would be asked by the Mumbai Policemen not to roam around in the dark! On the way, friends told me that they had played guitar and sang songs throughout the night.

I asked them, “why all of a sudden you planned to go to Juhu Beach.”

We had started feeling sleepy at around 3:30 am …”

 “It’s completely normal to feel sleepy during nights!”

 “Shut-up! Here, it’s only you who is abnormal. Who thinks of sleeping in nights, especially during vacations? If we had slept, then we would have missed delicious Aloo Paranthe which is going to be made in the breakfast in the mess. So, we decided to disturb you and here we are on our way.”

As we were talking, auto took a turn and suddenly humid salty breeze hit us. We could literally smell salt in the air. Clearly, we were very close to Arabian Sea. When we reached there, it was dawn. We were not the only fools roaming around who chose to miss their morning sleeps. They were people jogging, others taking their dogs for the stroll and some simply enjoying the morning breeze. There were a few bird-lovers who were feeding grains to crows and pigeons. One person, in particular, was surrounded by at least 50 pigeons. It felt simply exotic to just sit and live in the moment. The atmosphere was such that anybody would start philosophizing about life.

 While I was thinking about the meaning of life and other bullshits, friends told me that Juhu Beach is famous for barf ka gola(coloured ice balls). The shops claim they only use Bisleri water for their products. Anyway, the shops were closed which was good for me. They had kept the bottles of different colours outside the shutters.

For me, it represented different colours of life. These different colours are the ones that make our life interesting. And they come in our lives in a pattern that repeats but each time with a new flavour. But we like to have only one colour in our life. Won’t life be boring if it had only one colour? 

I thought why not take this pic if I am liking it so much!

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  1. Till now I have thought the header image was a WordPress preset, it was so good. Pro shot, and pro cropping!

  2. Brilliant indeed! Your words “These different colours are the ones that make our life interesting’ are so true!
    Cheers 🙂

  3. Loved it! 🙂


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