Why Provoked?

When I first thought to have a blog of mine, I had no idea that the most difficult obstacle would be choosing a name for it. Yes, you can always quote Shakespeare in your defense, if you didn’t come up with a good name. But a good name doesn’t hurt either. So, thereby I started my search for ‘the’ name.

My first attempt was something related to the word Pathfinder. This used to be my pen-name at a community blog of my college batch. But I didn’t like it much as it was something which I didn’t choose. My friends used to call me pathik (which I had translated to Pathfinder) . When they found that it was not having desired effects(read irritation) on me, they changed tactics by transforming it to pathetic. This time they were successful.

Now I turned to the world of internet for help. As they say, Google provides answer to most of your search problems (except when you want to search for your lost keys). I googled “blog name”. And Google returned with lots of websites that claimed they provided you good, catchy names in just a few minutes. I thought it looked easier than I thought.I just had to enter a keyword related to which I wanted the name. I concentrated for a minute and came up with some keywords. They gave me a lot of options related to it. On first glance, words looked really unique and exotic as I hadn’t heard them before. On googling them, I found out they were too unique; they were not known words of English language, at least they weren’t yet.

Thus, disappointed by technology, I started thinking about it. Two months passed and I was still looking for it. In the meantime, I had planned everything about the blog- how I was going to categorize articles, which blogging site I was going to use and what I was going to write in ‘Who am I? ‘ section. During this time, I had even shot an image which was going to be the header image for my blogging site. I had also written some articles for the blog and got new ideas for a few. In the process, I had started looking life in a new(#a writer’s perspective. Even if you are having a really boring conversation, you can’t afford to leave that because who knows when you are required to write one!) perspective. This was what was giving me new ideas for the blogs. Once site was launched, I could imagine myself blogging about various issues. Everything was ready. All was set. Except one thing-the name. It was still elusive.  I was surprised and bit frustrated that this apparently small issue was taking so long.

When I had finally started contemplating idea of getting settled with a copied name, then suddenly I got my eureka moment .

I thought just thinking about its name provoked me to do so many things. It provoked me to seeing things in a new perspective. It provoked me to try my hands at photography. It provoked me to test my writing skills.

So, the name couldn’t be anything but ‘Provoked’.

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  1. Good
    But I still believe Pathik was better
    And come on; when were you called pathetic?
    (Although I would love to call you so)

  2. Identify always makes the difference 🙂 Provoked is nothing less to it 🙂


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